Studio review

Blue Microphones Spark , Probably One Of the Most Underrated Mics Out there Right now, The Blue Spark Is A Tiny Little Mic That Does NOT break a hole in your wallet and is Extremely Worth it. At lower as 300$ USD.

The Spark’s large-diaphragm, side‑address format and sonic character make it well‑suited to vocal recording. However, in the project studio, where you can’t always justify buying different mics for different jobs, the Spark is also capable of producing good results as a drum overhead (you wouldn’t normally use this type of mic for close‑miking individual drums), and on acoustic guitars, pianos, wind instruments and most other conventional instruments.

You Get A Pop Filter Which Really Isn’t too Useful, a ShockMount Which Looks Like A Saucer But in My Experience Does its Job, The Microphone Itself Which Has A Nice Bright Orange Color, And Of Course A HUGE box to put it all in.

On top it have a very innovative feature is the focus button :  the Normal mode (out position) providing increased low frequency sensitivity for recordings with great impact and definition, along with the Focus mode, (in position) for even greater clarity and detail.

This Thing is really great on almost anything we use in Ragtime studios

Other than that this mic really stands up to much more high end mics or something at least a couple hundred above its price range and for 200 USD you really CANNOT go wrong!